Most Noble Order of the Desert Flame


The Most Noble Order of the Desert Flame, hereinafter called the Order. Is an order of chivalry and fraternal brotherhood. Established by the reigning sovereign of the United Kingdom of Australia, His Majesty King Steven. The Orders members being admitted by appointment of an honour bestowed upon them and with an Order decoration for each grade of member.

The various grades of honour and decorations reflect the level of their service to the Order or to the Sovereign and realm and form an Order of rank within the Order.

With the Sovereign and the Grand Maester (GMDF) at the apex of the order respectively, the honours grade as; Knight Maester (KMDF) and Dame Maester (DMDF), Knight Commander (KCDF) and Dame Commander (DCDF), Knight and Dame, Squire and Page.

The Order currently has three military division decorations as follows:

-- The Kings Cross (KC) for valour and conspicuous bravery, in face of the enemy.

-- The Flame Star for Gallantry (FSG) for distinguished acts of Gallantry, in face of the enemy.

-- The Desert Flame Service Medal (DFM) for sustained meritorious military service to King and country.

The three civilian decorations are:

-- Cross For Valour CV. For acts of conspicuous courage and bravery,

-- Flame Star of the Commonwealth FSC. For distinguished leadership in command of men in districts.

-- Medal of the Desert Flame. For high achievements and meritorious service to the realm.

Also below the Sovereign and Grand Maester are four officials of the Order, Chancellor, Secretary, Registrar and Chaplain to maintain the Order internally and manage the external activities of charitable nature and of God and faith within the realm.

The Officers of the Order will meet confer throughout the year with the Australian Privy Council to discuss perspective members for the Order, whom are doing good charitable works with their knowledge of God, foundations of faith and realm work, in their towns and districts within the realm. Also those who have displayed acts of self-sacrifice, bravery, courage and gallantry by helping of those in perilous danger. Both civilian and military.

God save the King!

United Kingdom of Australia

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