Most Noble Order of the Desert Flame


WHEREAS BY THESE PRESENTS it is established a Knighthood Crede by which all who by their honour respectfully join in brotherhood shall by their duty to each other make solemn oath to hold sacred blessing in Almighty God, the United Kingdom of Australia and the Country by which we hold our ground.

WHEREAS a Knighthood Crede shall be as follows:

Thou shalt be gentle to the weak.

Thou shalt be courageous unto the strong.

Thou shalt be terrible unto the wicked.

Thou shalt defend the helpless who call upon thee for aid.

Thou shalt hold all women as sacred.

Thou shalt stand in defence of one another whensoever such defence is required.

Thou shalt be merciful to all men.

Thou shalt be gentle of deed, true of friendship and faithful in love.

This shall be thy covenant to each other, as thee takes up thy sword and spear and drinks from the chalice of life and death. To hold sacred thy will, in trust with the blessing of Almighty God, bindeth thy heart with Our Australian Imperial Crown, by Grace of God, King Steven and Our Realm Imperial.


Steven R.

United Kingdom of Australia

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